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Migrant Expert

- We know from long experience how to make immigration issues a lot easier

We are a one-stop shop for professional assistance with social and migration issues, as well as for information about the regulatory framework and your rights and obligations associated with living in Austria.

We provide support to clients who wish to relocate to Austria. This includes help with residence permits and also with permanent residency in Austria. We deliver competent advisory services to newcomers whom we help to get established in Austria. We also advise those who already reside in Austria but need to obtain certain valuable targeted information and guidance for themselves or for loved ones.

In addition, Migrant Expert will be pleased to serve as your guide to the social life and traditions of Austria. We can help you to better understand Austrian mentality and core concepts of contemporary Austrian culture to significantly facilitate successful social integration.

We assist and advise in many fields, including without limitation the following:
  • Living in Austria
  • Health insurance and medical services in Austria
  • Family reunification in Austria
  • Celebration of marriage in Austria
  • Divorce and mediation in Austria
  • Studying in Austria
  • Working in Austria
  • Austrian legislation
  • Retiring in Austria
  • Securing disability benefits in Austria
  • Assistance with arrangement and filing of necessary documents to government agencies, securing and completing forms, applications, and other documentation
  • Information about government institutions and administrative procedures in Austria
  • Accompanying clients to appointments with government institutions: city magistrate, police, agencies, clinics, etc
  • Scheduling appointments at and organizing meetings with government agencies and administrative errands
  • Mediating communication in German
  • Consulting with securing welfare benefits
  • Translation of documents and correspondence
  • Buying property in Austria
  • Finding custom solutions to relocation challenges
  • Obtaining a residence permit, permanent residency and Austrian citizenship
Just starting to think about relocating to Austria? Well, you don’t even need to come to our office to meet with our professionals! Send us a request and enjoy your consultation online, wherever you are.
Tetyana Stangl, Migrant Expert, Büro Wien 1

Tetyana Stangl

- Managing Director

Founder Tetyana Stangl created her company “Migrant Expert” in 2015 as an interface between all topics relevant to migration policy and integration in Austria.

Ms. Stangl is a qualified psychologist, a practicing integration coach for migrants and a health guide in Vienna on behalf of the co-operative project Volkshilfe Wien 2012, the State Integration Office and the Ethno-Medical Center (NGO) in Hanover. She has worked with migrants since 14 years in various state and private social and community organizations. Drawing on deep experience in both public and private sector work, she lectures on topics related to immigration and integration for a Russian-speaking audience, works as a coach and publishes articles regularly.

„The intercultural experience I gained over the years of working with immigrants helps me to understand intuitively the multidimensional difficulties people face when they move to Austria. Together with my team of experts, we always tailor the best individual solutions for our clients.

Migrant Expert is a reliable, loyal, experienced and clever choice for you.“