Learn More About Education System and Job Retraining Programs in Austria

Many parents face the multidimensional difficulties when they move to Austria with their children. How to choose a kindergarten? What is the difference between Austrian public and private schools? What role does registration at the place of residence (Meldezettel) play in school assignment in Austria? What if you move with your children to Austria in the middle of the school year?

Migration offers a panoply of career opportunities and possibilities, but what shall be your first steps? How to choose the right continuing education courses or a job retraining program? What is the difference between recognition of foreign diplomas (Anerkennung) and validation of foreign studies and degrees (Nostrifizierung)?

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We will find the best school or kindergarten for your children, advise you on continuing education courses and provide you with detailed information about recognition of foreign diplomas in Austria. On request, we will also provide you with contacts at schools and institutions of higher learning in Austria.


  • Information about education in Austria
  • Finding the right kindergarten or school for your children
  • Assistance with registering your children at school
  • Finding custom solutions: what if you came to Austria with your children in the middle of the school year?
  • Providing information on state support for German language studies by foreigners (ÖIF, ÖSD, WAFF and Start Wien)
  • General information about German language training in Austria for schoolchildren, youth, undereducated women (Mama lernt Deutsch)
  • Consulting on tests of German language skills before moving to Austria
  • Assistance with finding German language courses, enrollment procedures, exam preparation (incl. materials)
  • Consulting on school enrolment in Austria
  • What are the grounds to assume that the child is not yet ready to start school in Austria?
  • Advice on obtaining a residence permit in Austria for studying
  • Information about educational opportunities in Austria
  • Information about recognition of foreign diplomas (Anerkennung) and validation of foreign studies and degrees (Nostrifizierung)
  • Securing an Apostille
  • Information about continuing education and job retraining programs in Austria
  • Career guidance
  • Coaching
  • Drafting CV and cover letters
  • Information about continuing education courses in Vienna
  • Information about financial support for continuing education: Initiative Start Wien, Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (WAFF), Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)
  • Information about vouchers for continuing education from the Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK Bildungsgutschein)

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