Learn More About Family Life in Austria

Just started thinking about relocating to Austria? You might consider immigrating with your family right away or bringing your loved ones here later once you settled down. Whichever path you choose to take, you will have to find answers to the following questions when you move to Austria:

How to obtain health insurance for members of your family?
How can your family members obtain a residence permit in Austria?
How to choose a school or kindergarten in Austria?
What rights and responsibilities do parents and children have in Austria?
What are the social benefits available to families in Austria?
What are the legal requirements for getting married in Austria?
What divorce procedures exist in Austria and when should mediation be sought?

How long does it take to find all this information?

Contact us today and we will answer your questions promptly and without delay!

Our customized solutions enable you to overcome any problems you may face when relocating to Austria. We consult not only on issues related to immigration but also help you cope with difficult situations in life.


  • Consulting on relocating to Austria: things you need to know
  • Assistance with arranging documents for a marriage in Austria: providing an up-to-date list of documents required, arranging apostilles, translation, document delivery
  • Information about family reunification in Austria
  • Information on registration at the place of residence (Meldezettel)
  • Advice on qualifying for housing benefits in Austria
  • Consulting on obtaining a residence permit in Austria for financially independent individuals and their family members (Niederlassungsbewilligung ohne Erwerbstätigkeit)
  • Pregnancy and childbirth in Austria: general information and first steps with government institutions
  • Assistance with obtaining a mother-child health passport (Mutter-Kind-Pass)
  • Advice on family benefits (Familienbeihilfe) in Austria
  • Assistance with obtaining parental leave in Austria
  • Consultations on childcare benefits
  • Guidance for parents: information about day care and schools in Austria
  • General information about the health insurance system in Austria
  • Advice on health insurance benefits for family members in Austria: when is co-insurance (Mitversicherung) possible?
  • Assistance with obtaining annual sick leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition
  • Information about benefits in Austria for individuals suffering from a serious health condition
  • Assistance with arranging necessary documents following death of a close relative in Austria

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