Learn More About Medical Services and Welfare Programs in Austria

Austria provides a comprehensive system of social security and welfare programs. The state ensures a decent standard of living for its citizens, guarantees their social security and maintains high standards of health care. However, it is not that easy for an immigrant to understand and navigate the wide-ranging and dense network of social benefits and services.

Do you know the institutions of social insurance in Austria? What does health insurance cover? How to choose the right insurance company to contract with? What is the difference between private medical services and services, provided by the statutory health insurance? What to do if your child suffers from a chronic disease? What are the welfare benefits for families with children? How to process maternity leave in Austria? What is a mother-child health passport (Mutter-Kind-Pass)? Where to apply to for a pension in Austria? Is it possible to transfer pensions from other countries?

We believe that the key to successful integration in a new country is information. With our help, you will learn everything about your rights in Austria. We will advise you on what welfare benefits you can apply for, regardless of your income. We find the right insurance company for you in accordance with your preferences. We answer all your questions related to obtaining medical services in Austria and help you with arranging the necessary documents.


  • General information about the health care system in Austria
  • Support with finding a doctor
  • Assistance with organizing medical treatment: accompanying, arranging transport, translation of medical documents
  • Accidents at work: what welfare benefits can you apply for?
  • Disability: what to do if you develop a work-related chronic disease?
  • Disability: legal status, categories, statutory disability benefits
  • Information about social benefits for individuals caring for a family member with disabilities
  • Assistance with finding an institution for people with disabilities: categories, costs, registration
  • Advice on retirement pensions in Austria: who is entitled to a pension? What to do if you receive a pension from another country?
  • Information about types of pensions in Austria
  • Assistance with obtaining survivor’s benefits after the death of a spouse or registered partner (Witwenpension) or of a parent (Waisenpension)
  • Psychological support and mediation in divorce
  • Advice to and support of victims of domestic violence and abuse
  • Coaching for personal growth
  • Psychotherapy
  • Consulting on child custody in separation or divorce proceedings
  • Consultation on pregnancy and childcare in Austria
  • Assistance with obtaining a mother-child health passport (Mutter-Kind-Pass)
  • Consulting on obtaining child benefits in Austria and assistance with arranging the necessary documents
  • Information on securing parental leave and childcare payments
  • Help with finding a doctor if your child gets sick in the evening or on weekends
  • Consulting on obtaining state aid in Austria
  • Information about benefits for people in difficult situations: conditions for approval and various types of aid

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