Learn More About Buying Real Estate and Renting a Property in Austria

For those planning to relocate to Austria, the question arises: how to buy or rent a property? Whether you are looking to rent a city center apartment or buy a house in an alpine village, it is important you understand how the local housing market works. And here you will need our in-depth knowledge of the Austria’s real estate market and the specifics of local legislation.

What are the types of rent relationships? How to establish a tenancy agreement?What is a difference between limited and unlimited tenancy agreements? What are the types of housing in Austria? What are the city-owned flats (Gemeindewohnungen) and co-operative flats (Genossenschaftswohnungen)? Why do you need to be registered at the place of residence (Meldezettel)? What are the key mistakes people make when buying property in Austria and how to avoid making them yourself?

Understanding the local housing market can be challenging for immigrants. However, we know from long experience how to make your integration issues a lot easier.

Our experts will be pleased to answer any of your questions. We work in close cooperation with real estate agents, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants, bank representatives, and architects and we provide our clients with comprehensive support in finding accommodation that suits their individual preferences and budget. From understanding the property market to moving into your dream house, we walk you through the process of buying real estate in Austria.


  • Information on registration at the place of residence: permanent residence (Hauptwohnsitz) and part-time living (Zweitwohnsitz)
  • Advising on renting a property in Austria
  • Types of flats in Austria: the city-owned flats (Gemeindewohnungen) and co-operative flats (Genossenschaftswohnungen)
  • Types of property in Austria: Normal property and co-property
  • Buying and managing property in Austria
  • Consulting on investment property in Austria: acquiring, investment management, financing, project development, construction
  • Categories of real estate in Austria: residential, commercial, industrial
  • Assistance with acquiring and managing project portfolios of any level
Our partner STARELOCATION (Rudolf Stangl Gesellschaft m.b.H.) offers the following relocation services:
  • Taylormade relocation
  • Sea freight, air freight and truck transport
  • Planning the relocation
  • Careful inspection of the goods and the location
  • Special packaging requirements
  • Contact with the customs offices & Arrangement of the necessary papers
  • Shipping cars to Austria and subsequent registration
  • Assistance with rentals of the old residence abroad
  • Assistance with finding real estate to buy in Austria
  • Assisting with arranging and filling out forms and applications to obtain permission for purchasing residential property
  • Providing with contacts in architecture and design studios
  • Assistance with finding real estate to rent in Austria
  • Tenancy agreements in Austria: help with drawing and terminating

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