Information on Channels of Communication

E-mail address “Migrant Expert”:

The main channel of communication for the exchange of information between clients and Migrant Expert is the e-mail address provided by the client. Information transmitted in another way is not taken into account in the process of considering a client’s request.

  • SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, etc. messages are not processed;
  • Clients undertake to send scanned documents by e-mail only in PDF format and in good quality;
  • Electronic copies of documents saved in other formats or of a poor quality will not be considered;
  • Multi-page documents will only be accepted if they have been scanned, saved as PDF, and sent according to the page numbering of the original document.

Migrant Expert undertakes to inform clients promptly about the consideration of their request and the actions taken.

If clients have not yet received information from Migrant Expert upon their request, this means that either Migrant Expert is awaiting a response from the official institutions (authorities, police, magistrate, tax service, etc.), or the client’s request has not yet been processed.