Learn More About Social Aspects of Living in Austria

Austria provides a comprehensive system of social security and welfare programs. For many newcomers, the extensive social protection in Austria comes as a pleasant surprise. Did you know that all Austrian residents having children are entitled to child benefit until the child reaches the age of majority, regardless of the parents’ income?

How else does the state support the individuals caring for children and elderly relatives?

How does public healthcare system work in Austria?

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits in Austria?

What is the criteria to obtain housing benefits in Austria?

Who is entitled to a retirement pension in Austria?

What are the types of social benefits in Austria and who can apply for it?

Understanding the wide-ranging and dense network of social benefits and services as an immigrant may seem daunting – but not with our team of experts.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support in their social and immigration adaptation. Our customized solutions and targeted support enable you to overcome any difficulties you may face. We will gladly deliver all the necessary information about social aspects of living in Austria that will help you to become a part of the Austrian society sooner, faster and easier. With our help, you will learn everything about your rights in Austria. We will advise you on what welfare benefits you can apply for, if you need it.


  • Information about statutory health insurance and private medical services in Austria
  • Assistance with obtaining and, if needed, with changing health insurance plans
  • Information about health insurance for self-employed individuals
  • Information about the Austrian e-card system and help with obtaining e-card
  • Assistance with arranging necessary documents following change of the data of the insured person (a change in marital status /surname, death of a partner)
  • Information on pregnancy, maternity and childcare in Austria
  • Information for LGBT individuals
  • Information about childcare services in Austria
  • Consulting on state programs for senior care
  • Consulting on securing disability benefits in Austria
  • General information about working in Austria
  • Information about flexible working time (Gleitzeit), short-time work model (Kurzarbeit), part-time work (Teilzeitarbeit)
  • Advice on retirement pensions in Austria: who is entitled to a pension? What to do if you receive a pension from another country?
  • Assistance with obtaining survivor’s benefits after the death of a spouse or registered partner (Witwenpension)
  • Advice on qualifying for housing benefits in Austria
  • Information about social benefits: conditions for approval and various types of aid
  • Principles of keeping animals in Austria: Pet passport, a dog license, animal registration, pet tax
  • Separate collection policy for waste in Austria: when you may get penalized for its violation?
  • For car owners: driver’s license renewal and car registration in Austria

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