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Austria ensures a decent standard of living for its citizens and is renowned for good salaries. However, for a successful career start in Austria, it is vital to know the key requirements for the candidates and to understand the local labor legislation. This is crucial not only for learning about your rights and obligations, but also for identifying your career opportunities.

Do you know how to calculate your future wage in accordance with your profession and experience?
What kind of employees the Austrian firms are looking for?
What professions are now in demand in Austria?
How to compose a proper CV for an Austrian employer?
How to obtain a work permit in Austria?
How long after graduation may you stay in Austria?
What are the types of employment contracts? What are the flexible working hours in Austria? How are the overtime and weekend working paid?

Perhaps you are already working in Austria, and want to inform yourself about termination of your contract? Or do you want to know how to process sick leave in Austria? Or what are your rights if you get injured at work? You are pregnant and you need to know how to obtain childcare payments? Or you have been employed in Austria for years and want to know if you are entitled to a retirement pension? Have you decided to start a business in Austria and would like to get the information on legislation governing business activity?

Our experts know answers to all these questions. We will provide you with labor market overview and inform you about labor regulations in Austria. We will help you in drafting or translating your CV and assist you with finding a suitable job. We also provide consultations on starting and running a business in Austria.


  • Consulting on obtaining a work permit in Austria
  • Career opportunities in Austria: what professions are currently in demand?
  • Consulting on labor issues
  • Information about the types of employment contracts in Austria
  • Drafting or translating CV and cover letters
  • Assistance with finding a job
  • Consulting on working in Austria beside your studies
  • Information about the representation of employees in Austria
  • Assistance with obtaining sick leave
  • Information on different types of leave in Austria: annual leave, parental leave etc.
  • Information on pregnancy, maternity and childcare in Austria
  • Information about the rights of working pregnant women in Austria
  • Accidents at work: what welfare benefits can you apply for?
  • Consultations for entrepreneurs: maternity, temporary incapacity, etc.
  • Assistance with paperwork and arranging documents
  • Information about taxation in Austria: who must pay taxes? How to get a tax refund in Austria? Who needs a tax identification number in Austria? How to apply for a tax number?
  • Overview of non-regulated and regulated professions in Austria
  • Information for independent (freelance) contractors
  • Self-employment in Austria: types of work and necessary permits
  • Assistance with obtaining health insurance for self-employed workers in Austria
  • Assistance with starting a business in Austria
  • Consulting on obtaining work permits and obtaining health insurance for employees
  • Assistance with opening a business account
  • Individual and group counselling on accounting

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